If you go for a copper IUD as a contraceptive method, what does it actually cost? And are these costs reimbursed? How much you pay for a copper IUD and its placement can vary. First of all, it is good to know that the costs for the copper IUD itself and its placement are split. In addition, the cost also depends on your age, your health insurance, which IUD you choose and where you have the IUD placed. In the frequently asked questions below, you will find more information on IUD costs, IUD placement costs, where to buy T-Safe and health insurance reimbursement.

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What is the cost of the IUD?

T-Safe, the most commonly used copper IUD in the Netherlands, costs €78.04. Whether your health insurer will cover the cost for you copper IUD reimbursed depends on your age and whether you have supplementary insurance:
    - Younger than 18: contraception is fully reimbursed. You don't pay any excess either.
    - 18, 19 or 20 years old: your health insurer will reimburse your IUD, you pay your deductible first.
    - 21 years or older: contraception is no longer reimbursed from the basic insurance. You can, of course, take out supplementary insurance. It varies per supplementary insurance exactly how much you will be reimbursed.

    If you have your copper IUD have to pay yourself, it may be advantageous to buy the IUD yourself order. If you do qualify for reimbursement, your GP or midwife will prescribe a prescription and you will collect the IUD from the pharmacy.

What is the cost of IUD placement?

You can get your T Safe copper IUD have it placed by the GP, midwife or gynaecologist:
    - GP. Your health insurer will reimburse the placement and you do not have to pay any excess.
    - Obstetrician. Your health insurer will usually reimburse the cost of the placement, sometimes the amount will be deducted from your deductible. Check with your health insurance company if necessary.
    - Gynaecologist. The cost varies from hospital to hospital, but you will easily pay a few hundred euros. Usually, the cost includes the IUD itself. These costs count towards the deductible.

Where can I buy the T-Safe copper IUD?

T-Safe is available from all pharmacies in the Netherlands or via t-safe.com t-safe.co.uk.

Is a copper IUD reimbursed by my insurance company?

The T-Safe copper IUD costs €78.04. This will protect you against pregnancy for up to 10 years. Whether these costs are reimbursed depends on your age and whether you have supplementary insurance. You will also have to pay for the placement of the coil.

Do I have to buy a new copper IUD if the insertion is unsuccessful?

If the placement is unsuccessful, you do not have to pay for the copper IUD again in the event of a second placement. Your health care provider can request a new IUD from us free of charge. If you are referred to the hospital, the general practitioner or midwife can give the new IUD to the gynaecologist. You will then pay a lower rate. The code applied by the gynaecologist is: DBC care product code: 210301015, DBC care activity code: 037180.

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