Insertion instruction T-Safe copper IUD

Step 1 - Preparing for use

Open the packaging after probing. Hold the nylon threads in your hand. Using the white pusher, push the IUD up into the applicator until it protrudes 2 mm outside the applicator.

step 1a insertion

Adjust the blue ring to the measured probe length. Check that the widest side of the ring is parallel to the arms of the IUD. The arms will unfold in this direction. The IUD is now ready for installation.

step 1b

Step 2 - Inserting the T-Safe

Carefully insert the insertion sleeve, containing the white pusher, into the uterine cavity up to the fundus. The blue ring touches the cervix. Fix the white pin with your thumb and index finger and then slide the insertion sleeve backwards with your other hand. The IUD is released into the uterus.

step 2

Step 3 - Finalisation

Now first remove the white pusher while holding the applicator in place. Only then do you remove the applicator with a light rotating movement. Cut the nylon threads to about 3 cm from the cervix.

step 3
Watch the T-Safe insertion instruction video below

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