T-Safe prescription information

  • Name: T-Safe CU 380A QL
  • MEMO Code: TSAFX
  • ZI number: 15539377
  • Suitable uterine length: 6-9 cm.

Replacement arrangement

Healthcare providers can easily request a new IUD free of charge after a failed insertion or expulsion. Please fill in the digital replacement form.

replacement form

Insertion T-Safe

Healthcare professionals will find detailed instructions for the placement of T-Safe here, including a insertion video. It is also possible to request an insertion instruction on site .

insertion instruction
Insertion instruction T-Safe

Frequently asked questions

The most frequently asked questions about T-Safe and copper IUDs in general can be found on the page frequently asked questions (FAQ).

We have also collected and answered the frequently asked questions by healthcare professionals.

FAQ Healthcare Professionals
FAQ Professionals

Highest quality copper IUDs

How are T-Safe IUDs actually made? And how is it ensured that, year after year, the IUDs are exactly the same, the frames are always firm and the wires are always securely attached? High quality is extremely important, because an IUD can remain in the uterus for up to 5 or even 10 years. In this video we summarise in 1.5 minutes how we ensure that your patient receives an IUD she can rely on for 100%.

uterus model

materials for patients

Titus Health Care offers various patient materials such as information leaflets and demonstration models. So that you can provide optimum counselling. View here the whole range.

materials for patients

Ordering T-Safe

In the webshop of Titus Health Care you can order the T-Safe (and other copper IUDs). Healthcare professionals will also find all the necessary instruments for IUD placement here.

Ordering T-Safe
T-Safe copper spiral pack

Titus Health Care

We want to make a difference in women's daily lives

Titus Health Care wants to contribute to women's healthcare by making available new gynaecological products of the highest quality. For over 12 years, Titus Health Care has been the distributor of the most commonly used copper IUD in the Netherlands: T-Safe. In addition, we also handle the distribution of Multi-Safe and Flexi-T copper IUDs. To achieve optimal contraceptive care, we invest in education and training for healthcare providers.

titus health care


Highly appreciated by healthcare providers for years: our education, training and e-learning courses

We provide various accredited training courses so that health care providers can optimally counsel women about contraception. These courses are often held in the evening, at various locations throughout the country.

Do you want to train skills or refresh, we offer insertion instructions for all our IUDs. And we also provide (accredited) e-learning!