Four experiences with the copper IUD: honest stories

21 March 2023By Titus Health Care

You are looking for a contraceptive that suits you. Maybe a copper IUD will suit you? But what are other women's experiences with the copper IUD? In a series of blogs, we asked women who opted for a copper IUD about their experiences. From young to old, positive experiences with the copper IUD, but also when things were a bit disappointing. In this blog Sabine (38), Birgit (28), Esther (46) and Aline (52).

Sabine (38): "After my pregnancies, I didn't want any extra hormones to deal with"

"I chose a T-Safe because I wanted reliable contraception. At a young age, I went on the pill. When I stopped after 14 years to get pregnant, I only noticed how much the pill bothered me. After my pregnancies, I was done with all the hormones and the effect on my body. So I decided to go for T-Safe: ready for the next 10 years and hormone-free. So no extra hormones to deal with. My midwife really put the T-Safe in like that. It may not feel nice, but I can't really call it painful. Afterwards, I did have a few days of severe abdominal pain, but with paracetamol I was able to work as usual."

"My own cycle was regular, I do have a fairly short cycle and also only have my period for 3/4 days. This did become a lot more in the beginning, which did shock me a bit. I thought: this is not a bit more, this is a lot more! But after a few months, I saw it recover and it became less and less. What I noticed at all is that not every period is the same. Some months I have more symptoms than others. I often have headaches around my ovulation and don't necessarily like menstruating now, but I like the idea that I am well protected and that the symptoms I experience are from my own body!"

Birgit (28): "I gladly take that extra day of menstruation for granted"

Having stopped taking the pill for five years, I wanted to start contraception again with a new relationship. When I stopped taking the pill in 2017, I noticed that I felt a lot better about myself. Apparently, I had suffered from the hormones after all. So when I went to make my choice of contraception last year, the pill was not an option for me. So, in consultation with my GP, I opted for a hormonal coil; the reasoning was that I would notice much less hormones. Yet after a month I suffered a lot - I felt anxious, depressed and very insecure. I was also in constant pain. I tried for three months but then I had the hormone spiral removed. That was an instant relief."

"Two months after that, I had a copper IUD placed, as I heard mostly good experiences with the copper IUD from friends. The insertion was painful, but done in no time. Unlike the hormone coil, I didn't have a month afterwards, only two days of pain. My cycle was completely regular again within a few months. Only the first two months my cycle took a little longer. Because of stories about heavy bleeding and a more intense period, I was a bit scared, but it really wasn't that bad. My period does last a day longer and the bleeding is a bit more than I was used to, but I feel I have fewer stomach cramps and no depression. I take that extra day of menstruation for granted, because I am really happy with this hormone-free solution.

Esther (46): "After giving birth to my first child, I wanted a long-term solution"

"From my 16e I took the pill. After more than 15 years, I stopped because I wanted to get pregnant. When I stopped, I noticed a difference from the time I was on the pill. I felt less flat and felt more like having sex with my partner."

"After giving birth to my first child, I wanted a long-term solution. The choice of hormone-free contraception was quickly made, it became the T-Safe. The insertion went smoother than expected. Two days after the insertion, I did have severe stomach cramps but with painkillers and a hot water bottle it was manageable. My cycle soon became very regular."

"After giving birth to my second child, I chose T-Safe again because my experience with the copper IUD was so good. The ultrasound after insertion showed that the IUD was well in place. A lovely thought that now I don't have to think about contraception for 10 years! I just have my monthly cycle. My cycle is naturally quite mild. I now flow for 5 to 7 days and don't find that a problem."

"Meanwhile, I am going through the menopause. I notice that my cycle has become very irregular and I bleed a lot one month and hardly at all the next. I might still consider an IUD with hormones to have less blood loss. After all, I sometimes have months with 2 weeks of blood loss now. On the other hand, I expect my periods to stop within now and 1-2 years anyway. So I might just stick with my T-Safe!"

Aline (52): "I no longer have hormonal discomfort"

"I have had a Ballerine copper IUD since the end of 2019 and I am still super happy with it! This is my first copper IUD. Before that, I used the Nuvaring, but in recent months I was having more and more trouble with that. I did not feel well, had troubled skin and suffered from stomach aches and headaches during certain periods. Before the Nuvaring, I used the pill, but from the arrival of my children, I preferred not to have pills in the house that the children could accidentally get hold of."

"After the side effects of the ring, I opted for a copper IUD; no hormones for a while. The placement went very smoothly and easily, thanks to the midwife! I went straight to work after the insertion, without pain or painkillers. On the day of the insertion, I had a little bit of blood loss, but the day after it was over again. During the placement itself, another ultrasound was done to check if the Ballerine was placed properly. Three months later, I went back again to check if the Ballerine was still properly in place. Fortunately, it was. I got my normal periods back fairly quickly and have had no hormonal discomforts since then. My experiences with the copper IUD are good, so I would recommend it to anyone!"

Which copper IUD is right for me?

Want to know more about different types of copper coils? At this blog we tell you all about the different types of copper coils. Obstetrician and contraception specialist Wendy Wielenga told in her guest blog al agree on all the options for hormone-free contraception. Always consult with your healthcare provider about which contraceptive is best for you.

What experiences do other women have with the copper IUD?
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