Getting pregnant after a copper IUD: here's what you need to know

8 September 2023By Titus Health Care

You have a copper IUD placed to prevent pregnancy. But if you have decided that you actually want to get pregnant, how does that work after a copper IUD? Are you fertile right away? Do you have to wait a while to get pregnant first? We explain it to you!

Removal of the copper coil

The first step if you want to get pregnant is, of course: your copper IUD have it removed. You can have your IUD removed at any time. To do this, make an appointment with your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider will insert a duck's mouth, just like when placing your IUD. Then the healthcare provider will pull on the IUD's strings with forceps to remove it from your uterus. This can sometimes hurt for a while, but it quickly passes. Allow for light bleeding on removal and shortly afterwards. It can be nice to have a sanitary towel with you to catch that.

When will you be fertile again?

Immediately after removing your IUD, you are fertile again. So you can get pregnant again immediately. You do not have to wait a while before becoming pregnant after removing the copper spiral. Exactly which days you are fertile depends on where you are in your menstrual cycle. Your fertile period starts 6 days before your ovulation and lasts until 1 day after. You can read exactly what your cycle is like in our earlier blog about the menstrual cycle.


Want to get pregnant and have your copper IUD removed? If so, we have listed some advice for you here:

  • Start taking folic acid: 400 µg (micrograms) every day. This is vitamin B11. The advice is to start this at least 4 weeks before conception. So starting when you remove your IUD (or before) is definitely a good idea.
  • Complete the ZwangerWijzer to get an insight into your and your partner's situation. You can find it on the website of ZwangerWijzer.
  • If necessary, you can go to the midwife for a preconception consultation. This is a consultation before you are pregnant. This way, the midwife can take stock of your health and give you good advice about getting pregnant. He/she can also answer questions. This way, you will go into your pregnancy well prepared and healthy!

Any questions?

If so, contact your healthcare provider. You can visit your GP, midwife or (if you have an indication) your gynaecologist for this.


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Getting pregnant after copper IUD: what to consider?
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