From copper to art: copper IUD as a special piece of jewellery

11 July 2022By Titus Health Care

Eva van Kempen, goldsmith and jewellery designer, has a very unique line of jewellery.
During the hospital period, she developed the 'LifeLines' line, with jewellery made from medical materials.
In this way, it invites us to look at medical materials in a different way and also to see the
beauty of it. For instance, Eva used hypodermic needles, blood tubes and infusion hoses. In a
collection, which is entirely devoted to (anti)conception, the T-Safe copper IUD has been incorporated into
a beautiful rosary with freshwater pearls, mother-of-pearl roses, sun stone, a cameo and 14
carat yellow and red gold. Also in the collection: a chastity belt made of pill strips and a morning-after pill bracelet.
See the entire line at the Website of Eva van Kempen.

T-Safe art
(Last Updated On: 13 July 2023)